Launching Offer from 9/6/10 - 30% Discount for all items

Launching Offer from 9/6/10 - 30% Discount for all items
Launching Offer 30% for all items, don't miss it!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Freeze Dried Acai Now available in Malaysia

Many Malaysian and Singaporean heard of Acai berry but the online order are from oversea company and afraid of online scam. We are health food importer and supplier in Malaysia, we import high qualtity freeze dried acai berry powder directly from Brazil and sell online with reasonable price (RM64 or USD19). Besides, we also have oral skincare product with Acai as main ingredient called Beulisse, is a breakthrough in beauty food.

Check it out at

Payment with your credit card (paypal) and worldwide shipment.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Delay of site launching

Hi friends,

Sorry for keep you waiting for the launching of, some even waiting to try on Beulisse and freeze dried acai berry powder since 1 week ago. We have found some problems with the shopping cart after convert to RM and weight from "lb" to "kg". To ensure smooth flow during launching, we decided to delay the launching until all the major problems had been solved.

Anyway, you all are welcome to sign up as FREE member and affiliate now, browse through the site, download or submit ebooks, read or submit article, video and audio, feedback to us, start to endorse to others by posting your affiliate URL link and start to plan for your affiliate marketing. Yes, you still can do many things here but not involved the payment.

I shall keep you inform here once the problems solved and you can start to purchase and earn affiliate commission.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stand pouch for Nutra Choice DIY range

Some customer comment that the stand pouch used for Nutra Choice DIY range is not presentable. So, I wish to explain here the reasons we choose aluminum stand pouch packing:
1) purposely choose pouch with 1 visible/transparent side so that custom can see the content of the pouch when export to others countries. This also easier for us to differenciate the products by color.
2) reusable pouch - you can use the pouch to keep others food products after finished the content
3) low cost - the cost for this stand pouch is low compare with solid container, that's why our price also much lower than others in market.
4) easier for courier service if pack into pouch form because less bulky and lighter, save in courier cost and customer do not need to pay extra money.

Of course, we shall upgrade the packaging if we found better idea at the same cost. We wish to know your comment on the packaging used for Nutra Choice DIY range.Feel free to comment.

Introduction to's products

Our feature products are Beulisse™ and Nutra Choice™ DIY products. Beulisse™ is a breakthrough in oral skincare with Swiss formulation consists of 3 ingredients - OracBerry™ (acai berries blend), PhytoFact™ (plant stem cells extract) and DermAqua™ (marine essences). Nutra choice™ DIY range consists of 5 products – Freeze dried acai berry powder, organic aktivated barley®, organic ashitaba, hydrolyzed marine collagen and rooibos tea. All Nutra Choice™ products are in pure ingredient without additives, you can DIY you own health food using Nutra Choice™ products.

We believe that the fastest way to introduce our high quality product to the world is through word of mouth, so our distribution channel is through online membership and we use affiliate program to reward our members who endorse our products and direct customer to us. Affiliate members do not need to invest single cent, no stock purchase, no hard selling, no handling of sales and delivery, we do all this grunt jobs for them. Yet, they can earn commission up to 40% on sales. will officially launch on 20/5/2010 with great offer of 30% Off for all items. You can now visit Malaysia membership site to search for health and wealth related resources and join our FREE membership to enjoy free download of ebooks and share with others members your article, video, audio, ebooks or anything.